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100 years ago, if you were a lady without a husband or an inheritance, it was pretty hard to get anything done. Which is why Coco Replica Fendi Handbags journey from penniless orphan to one of the richest, most influential women of the 20th century is among the best stories from fashion history we know of. From an early age, the young designer knew that she would need the support of the wealthy to get anywhere in life. And, much of this support came at least initially from two very rich lovers.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Lets be upfront about one thing: we are the last to imply that a womans success has been of a mans doing. Coco Replica Fendi Handbags was a genius. But, she was born in 1883 to an unmarried laundrywoman and an itinerant street vendor. She was orphaned at age 12 and sent to a convent. In her late teens, she went on to become a seamstress and cabaret singer. At a time when there was no such thing as bank loans or womens rights, this was a terrible background for someone of so much ambition.

But it also gave her the ability, the grit maybe, to elbow her way into French aristocracy. While she was a cabaret singer, she met the first of her many lovers, an ex-cavalry officer of enormous wealth named Etienne Balsan. Balsan was attracted to the quirky Replica Fendi Handbags. She boldly displaced his courtesan lover and moved into his chateau where she lived for three years learning the ways and manners of the upper class. There are rumors that Replica Fendi Handbags had a child with Balsan which she gave to her sister and referred to as her nephew.

But in 1908, Replica Fendi Handbags had another affair with one of Balsans friends: Arthur Boy Capel (who the Boy Bag was named after). Capel put Replica Fendi Handbags up in a Paris apartment and financed her first stores. As the story goes, he was Replica Fendi Handbags greatest love, though their relationship was, by all accounts, pretty torrid. He was never faithful to her, eventually married an aristocrat and died quite young. Replica Fendi Handbags, according to biographers, said she never recovered.

Maybe it is because Replica Fendi Handbags never did the proverbial settling down i.e. marriage and children that so many rumors have always swirled around her. The world has forever been interested in single women those who seem to choose fame, wealth or Replica Hermes Purses glamor over the chains of matrimony, children and domestic existence. But, the truth is she was probably a woman of great ambition and no means. She needed money to start a business that eventually changed the world, that allowed her to surpass even her lovers in fame and wealth. Her only choice was to build relations with people who could help her get there.