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The Masterplan

A Diverse Landscape
Our meticulously designed master plan lays the foundation for a dynamic business hub, welcoming a wide spectrum of forward- looking business models. It's a testament of our commitment to providing an environment where your business can thrive, innovate, and prosper.

Investment Gateway - Bahrain offers a diversity of zoning types to cater to a wide cross section of major growth segments whether it is logistics, light industrial, showroom retail, office or workshop premises that are sought. It covers a total land area of 2,127,045 sqm, and 53.7% are for sale.

B3* and B3 - Plots
These plots are designed to build three-storey commercial buildings, offering a wide range of commercial and service options. B3 locations are strategically customised, giving them direct access to the main street, making them a focal point for thriving businesses.

S - Services Plots
This area is dedicated to workshops and workforce accommodation, commercial units and warehouses, and works to provide a flexible environment that allows the implementation of various types of business.

LD - Light Industry
Catering primarily to companies operating in light industry sectors, these plots are thoughtfully positioned within a central precinct of the masterplan. Owners will relish expedient arterial access tailored for medium to heavy trucks.

COM - Commercial Plots
These lands have been carefully allocated to provide a distinctive visual display on the streets for businesses that need to highlight their products and equipment. These pieces are ideal for companies that specialise in areas such as furniture, household goods stores, cars, and shops. This region offers real opportunities for success and prosperity.

SP - Special Projects
These pieces are carefully customised to be central hubs for targeted business activities, such as laundry and refrigerator services. Focusing on ease and convenience, these public commercial units enhance the experience of visitors and users within the project.

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